February 20th, 2014

Dear Friends,

Ciara Nadia Herrada Maldonado is a 6 years old girl. She suffers a congenital disease of the left hip, called: luxating hip dysplasia. In 2008, when she was 4 months they detected a congenital dysplasia with dislocation: she began using frejka pad. They made her the first surgery at 7 months: a tenotomy; since a poorly raised treatment had left in the same state she was diagnosed. Later, when she learned how to walk, you could discover that her body bobbed slightly to the left side. Drs. Laredo and Ballesteros, SUMI traumatologists, decided that her hip had already faltered (limp) and they could only do something with a corrective surgery. However, when we were cited, and given the date and time for the intervention in the three times we were called they had put excuses of different class. Time passed and I had to call back Dr. Omar Mustafá who had made her the tenotomy –1st surgery was made in private social insurance; the 2nd was with the same traumatologist, but in a private hospital.

The traumatologist said that it was very late and he had to operate immediately, since that Ciara limped of the left leg greatly and her column began to deviate. But at the same time it was found an avascular necrosis of the femoral head that was confirmed by a study of bone scintigraphy, early 2011; the surgery was done in October of the same year approximately: a varus (valgus) osteotomy of the femur. Already in February, 2012, when they removed the plaster, after many replacements, the same traumatologist determined that more surgery was needed to do a bone graft or an acetabuloplasty. Since then, meanwhile,Ciara is bearing with much stoicism a ‘Steinmann pin’   inserted obliquely in the left femur head.

With her 5 (five) years of age she is a very sociable girl and she makes herself comfortable to the diverse stages of life she passes; certainly, like every child of this age. The 2 surgeries that have been practised on her, till now, have marked her life leaving her with low defenses. Her few colds are very costly since her body has created resistance to the penicillines and the alternate medicines are very expensive. At present she has started going to school,  where she has the possibility of learning new good things.

Now, Ciara has gone back as to the beginning, with the only difference that the femoral head has improved and been held in position with a ‘Steinmann pin’ internally. Lately she feels a lot of pain since that this time the femur is much more exposed than when it was natural, since that now she has tendons cut off. She probably has an abscess and this may cause her much pain and her limp is more pronounced than before, with the mitigation that acquires an osteoarthritis – which leads to a decrease in flexibility in the hip movements. The only thing I can do is take her to the park or let her watch TV and, at times, give her some preferences that are not significant.  On the other hand, her education is delayed since she was several months convalescing, in bed, without being able to start her initial education at school. Now, if she would get to be operated, she again would have to lose time waiting for recover favorably. God grant that this situation be resolved soon since time passes, she is growing and surgical intervention is made more complicated because their bones are solidifying, which would make for her several other interventions. This has an age limit, and the 6 years that she will fulfill in February are determinant.

Ciara Popes is a family with few economic resources as well as paltry income. We spent all of our savings that we had in the 2 previous surgeries and each time it becomes difficult to save some money to make her get a surgery, the socio-economic situation of our country is more and more depressing: there is insecurity in the work and in the city, the wages are insignificant and unreal; the cost of living is unbalanced, in the income perceived by services provided; everything seems to be politicized: If one is not part of one of the groups of power, there is not a secured future.

We, as parents, are willing to help in the recovery (postoperative) of our daughter with all our economic, educational, occupational, cultural and social limitations. At the moment we do not have income that will allow us to fulfill what was said, but in change we can give her all our love.

In this regard, we request a support for the surgeries of Ciara; a support that we hope to cure the disease of this girl. Maybe we don’t have the money; but, we count on the help of all of you and also the help of Happy and Healthy Kids Foundation. We thank the Lord be it so.

Thank you very much for your understanding while we look forward to your kind response.

Kind regards

Nivardo A. Herrada – Carmen Maldonado

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